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May 30, 2013
May 31, 2013
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Present Fast & Cool at The Israel Conference OUR COMPANY WILL PARTICIPATE !


Fast & Cool is one of the most popular features at The Israel Conference where extraordinary companies wow the audience.
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Fast & Cool presenters:    If your company is selected, the presenter is the CEO, CTO, or Founder who has excellent speaking skills and can rapidly explain their cool application.

Fast & Cool opportunity:    This is a unique opportunity for ultra 'wow-factor' companies to be seen by hundreds of business executives. Your presentation will also be streamed online.

Fast & Cool selection:    Companies are selected to participate in the Fast & Cool demos based upon a 'wow factor' set of criteria. To qualify, an Israel-facing company must have a product or application that can be rapidly explained to a diverse audience in the verticals of gaming, mobile, advertising, broadcast, high tech, clean tech, medical tech, or consumer product / design.

Fast & Cooltime:    The presenter will have 5 minutes to demonstrate their technology, solution, product, application. This includes any Q&A and set-up.

Audience:   Attendees in the audience are CEOs, CIOs, entrepreneurs, VCs, Private Equity firms, and financiers of companies interested in business opportunities with Israel-facing companies.


  • The presentation should focus on your application / product to express the market it addresses, the need it serves, and how it works.
  • The presentation should have a 'wow' factor.
  • The presentation should include a description of what inspired you to develop your application.
  • The presentation should be fast paced.

Presentation Tools:

  • Power Point, Videos, and other Multimedia content can be used and will be displayed on large screens facing the audience.

Fast & Cool participation fee:   Companies that are selected to participate in the Fast & Cool demos will receive a number of benefits with their participation fee of $1,000.


  • CEO introduction to the entire audience.
  • Five minutes to present from the main stage.
  • Recognition in the Conference brochure, marketing materials, online with click-through to your company, and in press releases leading up to the Conference.

We have room for only a select number of remarkable and fascinating companies to participate in
Fast & Cool to show incredible technologies from amazing companies.


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