The Israel Conference 2011
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The Israel Conference
starts at 7:30am and concludes at 9:00pm. The day includes superb networking around Breakfast, Lunch, and a Media Reception in the evening. Attendees will feast on delicious food and get their fill of high quality networking throughout the day.

Throughout the day, CEOs of Israel-facing companies and VCs will speak about their successes, their breakthrough technology, their markets, their deals, and their exits. Come early, stay late, and bring plenty of energy as you meet the movers and shakers who are doing business with Israel-facing companies.

Moderation by
Sharona Justman
Sharona Justman
Managing Director
STEP Strategy Advisors
Jeff Pulver
Jeff Pulver
Isabel Maxwell
Isabel Maxwell
President emerita
Yossi Vardi
Yossi Vardi
International Technologies
Social Advertising

Bringing the imagery of products and services into focus. Creating a compelling experience that translates into loving the products, wanting the services, and needing to buy!

Yahoo! AdLabs   Dotomi   Dapper from Yahoo!   Eyeview Digital   Amobee   DoubleVerify  
From Seeding Ideas to Selling Shares

What it takes to be a successful and publicly traded Israeli company. From a concept to going public. How an idea is funded, the company developed, and brought to the public markets. Which Israeli companies are making a difference?

Toronto Stock Exchange   Trendlines Group   Adira Energy   SVB Capital  
Cool Content and Convergence

What is driving content to you, where is the creativity center, and how do you download content worth viewing? How does Israel stay ahead of the convergence curve? Are you watching tomorrow, today?

Microsoft / Xbox   Genesis Partners   Mindspark InterActive Network   5min Media   Side-Kick   Kaltura  
Mobile Connections

Talking, Watching, Connecting, and Commerce - Incredible devices with eye-popping technology to keep you connected for action!
Smart Phones that Innovate, Elevate, Communicate.

Marvell Technology   PageOnce   Orange   DudaMobile   Nokia Siemens Networks  
Creative Consumer Products

See what your Shekel can buy today
from the Land of Milk and Honey.

AHAVA   Carmel Winery   Segal Bikes  
Taste of Israel / Made in Israel
OSEM   TNUVA   Carmel Winery   Sadaf Foods
 Powermat   AHAVA   Sodastream   Sodastream
Special Remarks
Executives of Note join the discussion.

Yossi Vardi
Yossi Vardi Yossi Vardi
Raanan Horowitz
Raanan Horowitz Raanan Horowitz
Haim Saban
Haim Saban Haim Saban
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller
Jim Goldman
Jim Goldman Jim Goldman
David Renzer
David Renzer David Renzer

Fast & Cool
Between panels are Fast & Cool presentations by the CEO of a company that has a 'Wow' factor.

RayV   Genieo   VivoText   Physical Virtue   Powermat   Ceedo   PicScout / Getty Images   Netafim   Interlude   Waze  

Pavilion of Companies
The Pavilion of Companiesis in the networking area for companies with compelling technology or products to demonstrate all day and interact directly with the attendees.

SodaStream   Marvell Technology   Docstoc   Toronto Stock Exchange   AHAVA   Netafim   Trendlines Group   VivoText   Powermat   Submit Express   Ceedo   SodaStream   Physical Virtue   Segal Bikes   EL AL   Side-Kick   Kaltura   RayV  

Media & Entertainment Reception
Superb networking in a rich media setting - technology and products abound with great conversations and terrific food.
Featuring Music by Top Israeli Musician
Yoni Bloch.

Enjoy food from Israel -
Wine and Cheese and Crackers and Olives and light buffet dinner food

Win Prizes and be eligible to get a Bicycle


Come to The Israel Conference in Los Angeles and bring a friend!
Great Miracles Happen in Israel!

Selected Industries Represented
Selected Industries represented at The Israel Conference

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Opening opportunities for knowledge and networking to expand your mind and your reach.


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